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Founded on December 29, 2016, MediWhale is an artificial intelligence diagnostic device jointly developed with Yonsei University's Severance Hospital that can diagnose and predict various eye and cardiovascular diseases within 3 minutes through eye images. With 95 percent of eye disease and 84 percent of the world's highest level of accuracy, the company is recognized for its technological prowess that can help not only Korea but also the global medical industry.
Eye disease and heart disease have few symptoms of self-awareness compared to other diseases, so it is easy to miss the treatment period, and we are conducting research and development to establish a system that allows us to make a simple and cheap primary diagnosis at a nearby hospital, and to move to a higher-level hospital if we have any abnormalities.
Our MediWhale co-founded the business with CEO Choi Tae-geun, ophthalmologist Lim Hyung-taek, and AI expert Lee Geun-young. After its establishment, it signed a joint research agreement with Professor Lim Hyung-taek at Severance Hospital in 2017, and since March 2018, it has developed an artificial intelligence solution that analyzes ophthalmic images to find systemic diseases such as eye diseases and hearts, and unveiled related technologies at the 2018 North American Film Council (RSNA2018).
Starting with B&Viit Gangnam Bright World Plan and attracting investment in 2018, we have established a branch office in Singapore and signed agreements with major hospitals in Asia and the Pacific, paving the way for research and product commercialization. In 2019, we were able to accelerate research and development through Seed investment and the selection of TIPS assignments, and signed agreements with Singapore General Hospital and the Korea Private Examination Center. In early 2020, we made an agreement with major ophthalmic device developers and proceeded Singapore certification with Korea. As a result, we have completed the certification of the domestic Food and Drug Administration.
Based on its own big data, it has completed clinical trials with domestic Severance and Asan hospitals, and has conducted clinical verification overseas with major hospitals in Singapore, India, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. Recently, our technical papers have been selected as the Lancet Digital Health, one of the world's third largest medical journals, creating a good reference.

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Dr.Noon is a medical AI system that can screen and analyze retinal fundus image through an integrated database which contains clinically classified eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal diseases) and other eye-related systemic diseases (CVD, kidney function, diabetes, sarcopenia, anemia) as a software medical device. This platform a simple, fast, accessible and accurate check-up system for screening eye diseases and predicting systemic diseases beforehand by just using fundus photos. The interpreted results support healthcare provider in terms of further clinical eye evaluation.

In current status, DrNoon AI fundus screening service provides a clinical decision of cardiovascular disease (CVD) through fundus images. DrNoon, our deep learning algorithm now can predict Cardiovascular disease through eyes and provide same or better accuracy with the most accurate risk marker for CVD, Coronary Artery Calcium Score (CACS). This safe model solves common side effects of traditional heart CT as DrNoon does not have any radiation exposure or allergic reactions while it conducts diagnosis with novel-risk marker and retinal fundus photos. Moreover, unlike to complicated traditional risk-stratifications of cardiovascular events, our simple, accurate system will allow physicians or professionals to efficiently work in their places with allow physicians or professionals to efficiently work in their places with novel-risk marker. We are still working on predicting chronic liver disease risks, muscle mass and function (sarcopenia), and chronic kidney disease due to vascular problems.

We offer DrNoon All-in-one system (integrating fundus camera, AI diagnosis, and Electronic Medical Chart) with reasonable price to provide better accessibility, easy application, and fast/simple examination.

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