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We are a medical R&D company that adopts electroceuticals technology to treat chronic diseases.
We started this project in September, 2017, with four medical device R&D specialists. We are well-experienced in all stages of the medical device R&D, and all the way to sales.
Our head office is in Seoul Biohub, hosted by the city of Seoul. We do our own cellular investigations and manufacturing in medical grade facility.
We also fundraised nearly $10 million in investment and winning various awards to conduct cell and animal studies and clinical trials.

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We electrically mimic our own body signals that various parts communicate with to instruct our nerves to function better, our tissues to heal faster, and also to inhibit cancer cells to grow.
With that said, we can treat various diseases, such as dry eye, glaucoma, migraine, tinnitus, facial palsy, As well as cancer.
Our most developed product is currently a VR goggle like therapy device for eye diseases. By wearing the device for 30 minutes a day, one can promote nerves to regenerate and function normally again, overcoming dry eye and glaucoma.
We are investigating potential applications in tinnitus, facial palsy, and, cancer as well.

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Strategy Pyung Kyu Kim/Director pk.kim@nueyne.com

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