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■ Company Information

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  • President (CEO/Founder)
  • Doyeon Pi
  • Date of Establishment
  • July 12, 2015
  • Main Product/Service
  • Mini-Spectrometer(component detection solution using light)
  • Number of Employees
  • 10

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■ Company Introduction

PiQuant create a world where everyone can do quantitative analysis.
PiQuant believe that by distributing the small but highly sensitive spectrometer at an affordable price we can help people to do analysis themselves and obtain the necessary information anytime, anywhere.
PiQuant has applied for 17 patents and registered 6 patents for the spectrometer technology.

■ Product/Service Introduction

PiQuant provides customizable component detection solution using light, called spectrometer. 

It can detect any substances unto molecular level regardless the form of solid, liquid and even gas.This spectrometer is small enough as much as a little finger tip and affordable.

When every matter is exposed to light, it reflect and absorb the light differently according to their unique feature. Therefore, by analyzing reflected light, we can analyze the target's constituents. This analysis method was used by NASA in the 1950s for lunar exploration, and is now used by most laboratories for component analysis. But, as the spectrometer use light to analyze target, too many noise appear during the measurement.The problem makes the spectrometer big and expensive.

To solve the problem, PiQuant developed unique Noise Canceling technology to distinguish and remove the noise signal from the target, and succeeded to enhance Signal to Noise Ratio up to 48,000 times. Thanks to the technology, we can make small, affordable spectrometer while maintaining high sensitivity.

We compared the performance of PiQuant spectrometer with laboratory spectrometer at $70,000, and as you can see on the slide, PiQuant spectrometer showed very high measurement reliability with the laboratory high price spectrometer.

PiQuant has applied for 17 patents and registered six patents related to unique spectroscopic technology.

PiQuant has been recognized for its spectroscopic technology, now we are working with various industry global partners.

And this spectrometer can be applied to the various field including Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Factory, Smart Farm, and Health Care.

Below items are PiQuant's products

Water Scanner
Countless people all over the world are suffering from waterborne diseases, because there is no good way to check water safety. Nowadays, the equipment which measures water safety is too expensive, too big, need a professional person to use, and impossible to do a field test. 
To solve the problem, we developed Water Scanner using the spectrometer. It can detect bacterial, especially E.Coli, in real-time. Compared to existing equipment, it is one-tenth the device price and test cost. In addition, it is small enough to carry in the pocket. 
PiQuant believes WaterScanner will help people to check water safety anytime and anywhere.
The Water Scanner got the certification by KAIST for performance. In recognition of the world's best technology, PiQuant was selected as the first GCE partner of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Korea, and now we co-work with various public institutions and companies.Our technology is well introduced on the websites of UNICEF and the Gates Foundation.


The trend keyword of the beauty market these days is customizing. So many portable skin analysis equipment is coming out, and cosmetics ingredient analysis platform has grown significantly. However, conventional skin analysis equipment analyzes only the surface of the skin, or has very poor accuracy. Furthermore, most people don't know what ingredients of cosmetics affect their skin. Therefore, we are developing SkinScanner, a portable skin condition measurement device based on spectroscopy. It can analyze not only the components of the epidermal layer but also the dermal layer. In addition, the spectrometer can analyze cosmetics components. Thus, by accumulating data on cosmetics ingredients and skin changes of users and analyzing the correlation, we can recommend the optimal cosmetics or provide customized cosmetics to users. We are cooperating with global beauty companies on this project.

AirQuant is an indoor environment measurement device. It can measure 14 indoor environment items including PM10, PM4.0, PM2.5, PM1.0, TVOC, CO2, CO, SO2, NO2, Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, Sound Noise and Early fire detection.User can check realtime environment data on web and app dashboard, and by using the data, user can analyze the cause of air pollutions.
PiQuant applied own Noise Cancelling technology to AirQuant sensors to enhance performance. AirQuant's measurement accuracy is significantly higher than its competitors.
Data measured by AirQuant can be useful to consumers in many ways. In addition to simply measuring and displaying air quality, it can also reduce power consumption as well as preventing constant indoor pollution in conjunction with HVAC systems.An early fire detector built into the AirQuant is a system that measures the constant temperature and analyzes abnormal temperature changes and notifies user before a fire breaks out. This function can be applied to identify suspected Corona patients indoors or to detect external intrusion. AirQuant is used in various Korean government offices, factories and postpartum care centers, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Busan Transportation Corporation.

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Hyun Woong Oh/BD Director chrisoh@piquant.tech

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