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We are BluePrintLAB Inc. We specialize in 3D rendering, 3D facial scanning, and AI algorithms to develop solutions that fit. We have developed a cloud-based 3D rendering solution that allows custom products to be easily developed online through a web browser and 3D printed. We also developed a real-time virtual try-on iOS app that utilizes 3D face scanning and AI algorithms to accurately match and recommend frames to individuals face shapes. With our experience in the realms of 3D scanning, 3D rendering, AI algorithms, and 3D printing we can deliver a solution that will enhance the custom eyewear experience for your customers.

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Instead of waiting or searching around, customers quickly try on multiple frames themselves and pick out their favorites.
Customers get recommendations based on their facial features and preferences then have a realistic size-accurate try on experience before buying online.
Pick shapes, colors, textures, lenses, and engraving to make a bespoke pair of McLaren glasses or sunglasses. The frames are 3D printed with titanium matched to a 3D facial scan for a perfect fit.

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Jin Sung Kim/BD Director jin@blueprint-lab.com

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