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Team BlockXen is a Startup by ambitious young men, using technology fit for the goal, via innovative application, amusing customers by our product and vision. Team BlockXen’s founders are extraordinary; they are not only good software engineers who just implement a common apps, but the real inventors of what they want, even starting at a zero-base. In every place, every time you are should be when and where you can play your own games freely, that’s what Team BlockXen makes possible with a new handheld gaming console, named CloudGear.

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"Let your games unstoppable!"

Handheld Console, CloudGear


CloudGear is a handheld console to let people play games on their PC or console like PS4 at home anytime, anywhere via streaming. Unlike other solutions, it supports a satisfactory streaming play for even a high performance-required game such as Tekken 7 or Fallout 4, Witcher 3 via just LTE-tethered channel, even outside.
CloudGear aims at giving users stress-free gaming experience.
Previously, people use smartphone to play games but it’s very problematic: too uncomfortable touch interface, bad streaming with input lag, discretely connected external controller, too hard to conntect the accessory devices, too much hard to connect to the game streaming channel, Very hard Netplay, very very hard to play an emulated retro-classic game, etc. CloudGear wipes these; people don’t have to THINK how to start the game, but only how to PLAY the game.

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Jae Woo Park/CEO blackreaper88@gmail.com

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