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ENERNET is a professional company in total AMI system management.
Based on PLC technology, ENERNET has various work experience and technique
in desingning, developing, estavlishing, and operating of multiple types of remote electric meter reading.
ENERNET can cover diverse business areas, mainly focused on national infrastructure construction business
for areas where need large electirical grid and energy efficiency optimization program
to reduce the opertaion cost and electrical spend for apartment, factory, and pulic buildings.


■ Product/Service Introduction

EG Service enables users to manage electricity more efficiently by delivering real-time energy information
through PLC-based smart metering system, and to have energy efficiency improvement by checking with App & Web.
Install "EG Service" application on user's phone and check electricity usage and cost right away.
It provides daily, monthly, yearly electirc information,
so users can make their own consumption plan and save the energy which could be wasted.

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Ji Yun Jeong/Assistant Manager jyjeong@iener.net

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